Gilded Honour

How to let Facebook Pixel by circumventing iOS14 and uBlock addon? An idea

How to let Facebook Pixel work by circumventing iOS14 settings and uBlock browser addon? An idea

How does Facebook Pixel work? It sends data from a client side to Facebook. Because it works on a client side, client side browser privacy addons such as uBlockOrigin block all the requests sent to or any of its subdomains known for garthering data thus rendering Facebook Pixel.

A similar thing, I guess, goes for iOS 14.

What would be a solution?

a) register one’s own domain and server b) create a javascript file that would redirect all data which has to do with Facebook Pixel to one’s domain or server c) gather data on one’s domain or server d) and immediately send it to Facebook

Thus, this → facebook

will become this: → → facebook

The idea is that each person would have his own, with his own domain name.

I’ve not implemented it myself. I fugure it’ll work.

Does anyone need help with this? Get in contact with me.


Idea for a startup – "what’s it like to be you?" device

Make a device or a pill which would allow one to view the world through the eyes of someone else, for a day. A device would be similar to the one from “Men in black” movie, namely, a flash of a light would make a man loose his personality and obtain the one of a selected person, for a day. The next day the 1stperson would return to his original self and would be able to remember his experience of yesterday. The 1st person thus would become able to understand other person’s perpective. He’d also develop compasion for them or a group of people as a whole, to which the 2nd person may belong to, and thus reconcile with them all at once, at least partially.

A device could be applied to one person multiple times and over time, for instance: one week a person would view the world through the eyes of their spouse, next week – of a person of a different religion, next week – of a person of a different race, next week – of a person who’s lower in status, next week – of a person who’s higher in status, next week – of a person who’s disabled, next week – of a person of the opposite sex…, and then - a drug dealer, a serial maniac, a muslim, a christian, a very logical person who doesn’t belive in God at all,…. on so on.

Wouldn’t this be cool? Shit, it wouldn’t be merely cool, it’d expand one’s mind in a big way, and it might erase most of bad stuff in the world. Aren’t all the wars, for instance, cased by lack of perspective? How about misunderstanding between men and women, husbands and wifes, young and old? I invision that a device would be of paramount importance to the humanity.


A thing and its opposite

When everything in an online store is on a sale, in reality nothing is on a sale.

When I watch a youtuber describe a new country as “…the people here are really nice..” I wonder “how cenceare is he being?” for he says so about every country he visits.

When I hear a person who’s being interviewed prepend his reply with “that’s a really good question” to any question, it puzzles me “How can all the questions be good? Not merely good, but really good.”

How frank are those claims? There can’t be good without bad, a thing without its opposite, unless one is of a high consciousness and therefore sees everything is non-dividble one, and which is rare and difficult to achive to the point of being negligible.


XRP has risen in price 3 fold after I sold it, but that’s ok

I was holding XRP several months ago before SEC opened the case against Ripple the company. It didn’t shake me out of my holding because a crazy and funny guy named Moon Lambo, who’s a financial adviser but who also claims that he’s not, persuaded me to keep holding it. And so I was doing. The price was swinging being on average $0.4-0.6. Eventually I decided to sell it. Just recently, as the situation has normalised and some clarity, it seems, has appeared, the price has risen to almost $2/XRP.

Why did I sell XRP? Have I given up? Did I cease to believe that Ripple would win the case? No.