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Radiance Team @


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Vladimir Krinitsyn @ DbInvent LLC (USA)


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Louis Cremen, CTO @ (Australia)


Bruce G, no avatar

Andrew Hassell @ Synaptec (Australia)

Alex did all the original research and implementation for the GREx scraper. Professional, reliable and available week after week to support this work. Very grateful for his hard work and cleverness. Will hire again!

Bruce G, no avatar

Bruce G., Entrepreneur / Investor @ schoolstaffsurveys (UK);

Great job, again, Alex. Thank you. You made excellent suggestions to improve on what I'd suggesting doing and quickly and accurately implemented them.

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Roman T. @ (Russia-Thailand)


Aaron Hertzmann, no avatar

Aaron Hertzmann, Researcher @ Adobe Research (Canada)

The project details are hidden due to the signed NDA

Very responsive and effective!

Donny Ouyang

Donny Ouyang, CEO @ Rayku (Canada)

Very good experience working with Alex. Alex is an honest freelancer who puts in the time and effort to make sure the project is done to the highest standards.

I have more feedback at At, however, I have some negative feedback also because sometimes I make mistakes :)

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Note that I no longer work via and other freelance plathorms, even though I'm present on them. I prefer to work directly.